“My job is to inform, not to convince”: guest post by Catherine Adair

My thanks go out to Catherine Adair for permission to reprint one of her recent Facebook posts. She recounts a brief conversation between two people who each could have dismissed the other as “one of THEM.” Instead, they chose another course. 

Catherine Adair
Catherine Adair

While walking with my family today we were greeted by two young men wearing Planned Parenthood t-shirts trying to raise money to “fight back.” I engaged one of them in conversation and was able to plant some seeds. He didn’t know that Hobby Lobby offered 16 types of contraception, he didn’t know that Planned Parenthood commits over 300,000 abortions a year, and he didn’t know that their CEO makes almost $500,000 a year.

He was a very nice young man who attempted to stop the conversation a few times by saying his mind wasn’t going to be changed about Planned Parenthood BUT I could see his demeanor change immediately when I told him (an African-American) that blacks make up 12% of the population but over 35% of all abortions. He was genuinely shocked.

I then said to them,”No woman wants to have an abortion. They want support and help. We need men like yourselves to stand up and say you will do whatever it takes to help, because she will be haunted by that abortion for the rest of her life”

I said thank you for listening to me, told him he was a real gentleman (he was) and we hugged each other.

Always keep in mind what St. Bernadette said, ” My job is to inform, not to convince.” If I had argued with them, or gone into a rant, or tried to convince them abortion is wrong I would have gotten nowhere. By taking a reasoned, kind approach we can plant seeds. I know that young man is going to look into what I told him, and when he finds out it is true, maybe, just maybe, his conversion will come.

Please pray for all of those who are deceived, that they may learn the truth about abortion.

About Catherine: “I used to be prochoice and worked for Planned Parenthood. Now I speak about the horror of working in an abortion clinic, and my personal experience with abortion. I hope to be able to bring more people to the truth!”

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