From 2014: Jim Lawrence reaches out to pro-life voters in NH CD2

Voters looking for a pro-life candidate in New Hampshire’s Second Congressional District have been hearing plenty from Marilinda Garcia and Gary Lambert, whose State House voting records I’ve reviewed in the past. The Republican primary has a third candidate, Jim Lawrence, who has made a pitch to pro-life voters that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Lawrence served in the New Hampshire House for three terms beginning in 2002, which put him smack in the middle of the debate on the state’s first parental notification law. He voted yes. He supported a partial-birth abortion ban bill that failed in 2004. That same year, he supported an informed consent bill and a bill to keep the state out of the business of funding abortion providers. I haven’t reviewed all of his votes, but these four are certainly encouraging.

He was represented at a recent pro-life gathering organized by the Bob Smith for Senate campaign. While he couldn’t attend in person – he was seeing his daughter off to UNH – he sent Jennifer Logan to read a message from him. Here’s a transcription of my recording from the event.

“I have always been a strong advocate for protecting the sanctity of life. During my three terms in the New Hampshire House as a state representative, I was a strong voice for the pro-life movement with a perfect voting record supporting pro-life issues. This is one of the reasons I was selected by my colleagues to be one of three House members to speak on the House floor in support of parental notification. Representative Ann Kuster is wrong on this issue and many others. This is why I am running to defeat her this November. If I am elected to be your Congressman, I will continue my resolve to support pro-life issues just as aggressively as I have before.”

Campaign web site:

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4 thoughts on “From 2014: Jim Lawrence reaches out to pro-life voters in NH CD2

  1. If you want the comment deleted, I’ll do it – but I think you make a great point about how the voting record can be interpreted. I added “see reply below” so readers know to read the whole thread.

  2. [SEE REPLY BELOW] I don’t kow about 2004, but the record I found for 2008 show he voted Nay on parental consent for underage medical procdures, Nay on parental consent for underage abortions, and Nay on pre abortion couseling, Nay on residency verification. In 2006 voted Nay to prohibit employer from firing or disciplining pharmicist for not dispensing emergency contraception. Doesn’t sound Pro-Life to me!

    1. Noel,
      Those “nay” votes were on ITL motions: “inexpedient to legislate.” In the cases of 2008 bills HB 1495 (parental notification), HB 1517 (parental consent), and HB 1588 (verifying residency of a minor seeking abortion in NH), Jim Lawrence voted Nay – in other words, he voted against the motions to kill the bills. I know it’s confusing. Because the ITL motions carried, there was no opportunity to put forth OTP/ought to pass motions.
      Thanks for reading!

      1. Yup! I am learning all that! Very confusing til now. Wish I could delete comment. He is clearly pro-life.

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