Gosnell Protection Act gets DC hearing; Shaheen is co-sponsor

Americans United for Life is reporting that Tuesday, July 15, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on S. 1696. Called by its supporters a “Women’s Health Protection Act,” this federal bill would gut all legislation now in place to regulate abortion. New Hampshire’s parental notification law and partial-birth abortion ban are two of the laws that would be lost if S. 1696 were to pass.

Jeanne Shaheen, New Hampshire’s senior senator, is a co-sponsor of this bill. It was introduced last November, along with a companion bill in the House (see Shaheen, Kuster co-sponsoring the Gosnell Taught Us Nothing Act).

Women’s health? Hardly. This is a Gosnell Protection Act. It would leave abortion to the abortionists. No parental involvement. No conscience protection for health care workers who refuse to participate in abortion. Complete protection for sex selection abortion and eugenic abortion. No counseling required.

Will any of Shaheen’s 2014 challengers call her on this?


Text of S.1696

AUL analysis of the bill




One thought on “Gosnell Protection Act gets DC hearing; Shaheen is co-sponsor

  1. Dear Senator Shaheen; Congressman Kuster & Carol Shea-Porter:

    It is outrageous that “civilized “human beings would support S. 1696. As I understand it, it is meant to “trump all state law” and leave the Abortion Mills “free to Murder babies in the womb without parental involvement ” It is beyond understanding for any one who swears allegiance to the United States Constitution and afterword shouts to the world how much they are for “freedom of choice.” Since you don’t understand: “Choice has to be limited my morality, otherwise freedom and liberty die.”For protection of “life liberty and property” is essentially the purpose of government. Murdering babies is not protecting life. And yet many well educated individuals have trumpeted this lie that echoes Hitler’s words: “If you tell a lie often enough it will be accepted as truth.”

    Is it not obvious that this is Human natures lowest form of morality? For killing the young is not the habit of even animals. Why should it be accepted as normal for civilized human beings? And yet it is automatically accepted by those who seek an excuse to cover their sin. They have made government their “god”, greedily grasping this “get out of jail free card; license legislated to “kill” for their conveniance to cover their “criminal activity. This is essentially a mandate from government, licensing “murder in the womb.” it is for “shame” that the number of “murders for profit in the womb” now approaches 57 million.

    I would like to ask you a question: how are the doctors in our nation who utilize this license to kill for profit in their “abortion mills”, any different than Nazi Germany’s doctors who became “agents of death” for the Third Reich?

    It is about time “sober mindedness” overcomes the “Washington highlife” in the legislature and Congress passes the “life begins at conception act. In the House. H.R. 1091 has now over 160 co-sponsors. I urge you to put your past votes against life behind you and give your support for the truth that ” that life begins at conception” and help end this American Holocaust. Vote against S.1696

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