Bending the facts ’til they fit

Sandra CanoNine years ago this week, Sandra Cano testified before Congress that she had never had nor wanted an abortion. Cano had been identified as “Mary Doe” in Doe v. Bolton, the abortion case decided by the U.S. Supreme Court concurrently with Roe v. Wade. The Doe case defined health-of-the-mother broadly enough to make abortion legal for any reason.

Write the decisions, then bend the facts to fit: it’s a nearly- inescapable conclusion that that’s what the Warren Burger court did with abortion.

Norma McCorvey, the Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade, has tried for years to undo the damage done by the case bearing her name. So has Sandra Cano. The two women whose pseudonyms are forever associated with abortion in America want nothing to do with abortion or the so-called pro-choice movement. As Cano wrote on her blog in 2009,

I only sought legal assistance to get a divorce from my husband and to get my children from foster care. I was very vulnerable: poor and pregnant with my fourth child, but abortion never crossed my mind. Although it apparently was utmost in the mind of the attorney from whom I sought help. At one point during the legal proceedings, it was necessary for me to flee to Oklahoma to avoid the pressure being applied to have the abortion scheduled for me by this same attorney.”


More on the Roe and Doe cases: Abuse of Discretion, by Americans United for Life attorney Clarke D. Forsythe.


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