A movie for your #Fortnight4Freedom

Norfolk: Why can’t you do as I did and come with us, for fellowship!

Sir Thomas More: And when we die, and you are sent to heaven for doing your conscience, and I am sent to hell for not doing mine, will you come with me, for fellowship?

(by Robert Bolt, from his screenplay A Man for All Seasons)

Today is the feast day of Saints Thomas More and John Fisher, put to death in 1535 for being unwilling to mold their consciences to fit around Henry VIII’s political preferences. Have you ever seen A Man for All Seasons, either as a play or a film? Find that wonderful tale of Thomas More. Revel in the sumptuous costumes and scenery, but most of all listen to the dialogue written by Robert Bolt. If I had the means (and the rights), I’d set up a Fortnight for Freedom film festival and make A Man for All Seasons the centerpiece.


Are there other books or films you find inspirational or relevant to F4F?


2 thoughts on “A movie for your #Fortnight4Freedom

  1. Here are a few inspirational films that I’ve shown at my church:

    “For Greater Glory” The true story of Cristiada starring Andy Garcia

    “Sophie Scholl The Final Days” by Marc Rothemund. True story of college students who fought against Hitler in 1943 with the distribution of pamphlets on campus.

    “Amazing Grace” starring Ioan Gruffudd. One man’s fight against slavery in 1797.

    God Bless You, and all that you do.

    Pro-Life Advocate,

    1. You’ve just reminded me to go find “For Greater Glory”! I saw the ads when it was released and thought “oh, that must be a good one” … and then I didn’t follow up. Watching that film would be a splendid way to treat myself this week. Also, I read Metaxas’s book Amazing Grace about William Wilberforce, but I didn’t know there was a movie as well. That’s an unappreciated story here in the U.S. Thanks!

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