Leaven’s hitting the campaign trail


Are you a New Hampshire candidate? Do you hear footsteps & a slightly out-of-breath person gaining on you? Don’t be alarmed. It’s only me.

The statewide candidate filing period is almost over, and I’m about to go in search of candidates who have something to say to pro-life New Hampshire voters. Republicans, Democrats, state office, federal office, incumbents, challengers: I’ll listen to anyone who’ll take a few questions.

Senate candidates Jim Rubens, Bob Smith, and Karen Testerman got in ahead of the crowd. I love living in a state where people running for U.S. Senate take the time to be interviewed one-on-one by a local blogger. (Scott Brown, are you listening?)

I’ll be in touch with candidates or their staff as the campaign gets rolling. I know I can’t reach everyone, but I’ll do my best. Leaven’s readers are a politically savvy bunch, and they vote. Candidates, give them a reason to vote for you.

Readers, who do you want to hear from?

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