Administrative info (with commentary) for NH voters

vote checkmarkPlease pay attention if you’re a registered New Hampshire voter planning to vote in the fall. I wouldn’t want any pro-life voters to miss a deadline.

If you are registered with a party at this point, and you wish to change your party registration before September’s primary election, you have until close of business Tuesday, June 3 to do so. Go to your town/city clerk to take care of the necessary and uncomplicated paperwork. Call ahead to confirm that there are extended hours on June 3 – there should be.

Don’t just take my word for it. Look at the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s web site. Very informative.

If you’re happy with your current registration, lovely. Spend June 3 doing something fun. That goes for independent voters too.

The state insists on calling independent voters “undeclared.” Nonsense. Choosing not to affiliate with a major party is a declaration in itself. Thanks to New Hampshire’s open primary system, “undeclared” voters may vote in either major party’s primary. If you’re new at this, though, beware (or just refer again to the Secretary of State’s web site): you may pick up a ballot at a primary election, but once you’ve voted, you need to re-register as “undeclared” before leaving the polling area. It’s a matter of filling out a card. Otherwise, some party official somewhere will rub his hands together in glee, saying “we snagged another one!”

Yes, New Hampshire has same-day voter registration on election day. Don’t get me started …

I expect I’ll have much more to say before September’s primary about voting and parties and such stuff. For today, though, just keep in mind that it’s party change time, if you’re so inclined.




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