Entering year 3 – and who’d have thought we’d get this far?


A blogiversary treat by neighbor Stevia of Cupcake Conspiracy. Thank you, indeed.

April was Leaven for the Loaf’s “blogiversary” month, and year #3 is underway. Here’s my thank-you to all readers, subscribers and Facebook followers. With every click, you affirm that New Hampshire is home to pro-life residents who want to stay informed and involved. I’ll keep up my end: advocating for peaceful, persistent, well-informed pro-life action.

This girl knows how to party, more or less 

How does one celebrate a blogiversary?

  • I pledged an hour at local 40 Days for Life campaigns for every new Facebook “like,” figuring I’d get half a dozen. I got 19 before I had to halt the challenge. Result: I owe 13 hours to next fall’s campaign, which begins on September 24 (so mark your calendars).
  • I donated a pint of blood to the Red Cross, as I’ve done periodically for the last nineteen years or so, and I hope I inspired some of you to do the same. People dear to me have benefited enormously from medical procedures that would have been impossible without donated blood. I hate needles – don’t we all? – but I get over it for ten minutes every couple of months.
  • I polled readers, and learned that you’d like to see more interviews as well as continued coverage of New Hampshire issues. Click on the blog’s “subscribe” button so you won’t miss a thing.
  • A cupcake. OK, two cupcakes.
  • Gratitude to God. Prayer. Lots of it.

A preview of some coming attractions 

  • A whole lot of New Hampshire election coverage – already underway, with Leaven’s exclusive interviews with U.S. Senate candidates.
  • Interviews with the people whose work will help shape a pro-life New Hampshire.
  • Coverage of any buffer-zone developments in the wake of decisions by the state legislature and the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • Continuing observations from the State House.

Something new: Leaven for the Loaf will soon be offering opportunities for sponsorships and ads,  giving readers and business owners a chance to support a full-time pro-life online publication while reaching New Hampshire residents. Stay tuned.

Finally, my thanks to the team at Altos in Bedford, where people who know a lot more about the technical end of blogging than I do keep Leaven for the Loaf up & running.

Year number three, here we go.





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