Feeding tubes & ordinary people

Our New Hampshire legislators passed a law last year that designates food and water as medical care, not ordinary care, for the purposes of advance directives and life-sustaining treatment. Done deal. I hereby refer all complaints to the members of the House and Senate committees that handle health and human services.

This came to mind when something interesting crossed my news feed today. Definitely to be shared, for all of us who think it matters whether we’re entitled to be nurtured when we’re medically vulnerable.

Did you know that this is Feeding Tube Awareness Week? I had no idea, until Cathy Ludlum brought it to my attention via her wonderful post Better Dead Than Fed? Not! (via the Not Dead Yet blog). This is no mere academic discussion for Cathy, who uses a feeding tube herself, and thereby benefits greatly.

In Cathy’s words, “No one is saying that feeding tubes are appropriate for everyone.  Every person and situation is different.  But for many, a feeding tube makes life possible, and that is worth celebrating this week.”


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