NH hearing tomorrow on fetal homicide

I wrote yesterday about New Hampshire’s assisted suicide bill and its 1:30 hearing tomorrow, February 4. At the same time, two doors down, the fetal homicide bill – Griffin’s Law, HB 1503 – will have its first public hearing.

Here’s the sponsor’s very personal appeal, about his grandson Griffin: “Why I’m filing Griffin’s Law”

Two years ago, I wrote about the last attempt to pass such a law. The bill at that time was known as Dominick’s Law. How many more children, more names, will it take? This post explains what led the New Hampshire Supreme Court in the 2009 Lamy case to ask the legislature to pass fetal homicide legislation: “Dominick’s Law”

Griffin’s Law is about preborn children who die against the mother’s will through the unwanted actions of another person. When a woman chooses to carry a pregnancy to term, she deserves the same respect as a woman who chooses abortion. So you might be surprised to know that abortion advocates have consistently opposed fetal homicide legislation. Drunk drivers and abusive partners responsible for killing preborn children couldn’t ask for more passionate representation than they’re getting, albeit inadvertently, from opponents of this legislation.

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