Buffer zone hearing Jan. 28; come support the right to silent prayer on public sidewalks

NH March For Life 2014 - 1THE BILL: New Hampshire’s Senate Bill 319 would impose a 25-foot zone around abortion facilities, within which no demonstrations would be permitted, including silent prayer.

THE HEARING: The Senate Judiciary committee will have a public hearing on the bill Tuesday, January 28, at 9:55 a.m. in room 100 of the State House.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Show up. Wear a pro-life sticker or button. Sign in. Testify if you are so moved. More about this below. If you can’t come that day, you can send a message to the Judiciary committee.

 WHERE TO GO:  The State House in Concord is on Main Street. From I-93, exit 14 is the closest exit, but exits 13 or 15 will work as well. Look for the golden dome. Bring a debit card or some quarters for parking. On-street parking near the State House is limited to two hours. Two garages near the State House – one on School Street, one on State Street – allow longer-term parking. Enter the State House through the front doors, nearest the spacious plaza. (Don’t use the coat racks in the lobby; those are for the schoolchildren who come in for tours.) Room 100 is in the hallway to the right of the Hall of Flags in the lobby. A small coat rack is available for use outside the hearing room.

HOW TO SIGN IN: There will be a sign-up sheet either on a table just outside the room (the common procedure for what’s expected to be a crowded hearing) or just inside the room. You will sign up with your name, your town, whether you favor or oppose the bill, and whether or not you wish to speak.

MAKING YOUR OPINION KNOWN: Your presence with a pro-life emblem will speak volumes to the committee, even if you don’t wish to testify. If you wish to submit a written statement without testifying out loud, bring ten copies for the committee clerk, who will be seated at the committee table. If you choose to testify aloud, keep it short. Three minutes maximum, delivered with courtesy. No signs are permitted in the building. Wear a sticker, emblem, or pro-life t-shirt instead.


  • Sen. Donna Soucy, Democrat, Manchester wards 5,6,7,8,9 and town of Litchfield.
  • Sen. Lou D’Allesandro, Democrat, Manchester wards 3,4,10,11 and town of Goffstown.
  • Sen. Bob Odell, Republican, towns of Acworth, Antrim, Bennington, Bradford, Croydon, Deering, Francestown, Goshen, Grantham, Hillsborough, Langdon, Lempster, Marlow, New London, Newbury, Newport, Springfield, Stoddard, Sunapee, Sutton, Unity, Washington, Weare, and Windsor.
  • Sen. Nancy Stiles, Republican, towns of Greenland, Hampton, Hampton Falls, Kensington, New Castle, North Hampton, Newton, Rye, Seabrook, Stratham and South Hampton.
  • Sen. Jeb Bradley, Republican, towns of Albany, Bartlett, Brookfield, Chatham, Conway, Eaton, Effingham, Freedom, Hale’s Location, Hart’s Location, Jackson, Madison, Middleton, Milton, Moultonborough, Ossipee, Sandwich, Tamworth, Tuftonboro, Wakefield, Waterville Valley, and Wolfeboro.
  • Rep. Patrick Long, Democrat, Manchester wards 1-3.
  • Rep. Mary Heath, Democrat, Manchester ward 7.
  • Rep. Candace Bouchard, Democrat, Concord ward 9.



2 thoughts on “Buffer zone hearing Jan. 28; come support the right to silent prayer on public sidewalks

  1. Is cornerstone concerned about SB120, relative to political contributions and expenditures and relative to reporting by political committees ?
    Next/Last Hearing 04/02/2014 at 10:00 AM LOB 308
    I’m thinking that “[communication] that is functionally equivalent to express advocacy because, when taken as a whole, such communication is likely to be interpreted by a reasonable person only as advocating the election or defeat of a clearly identified candidate or candidates or the success or defeat of a measure or measures,” might be very problematic.

    1. That’s a question for Cornerstone – and while I have worked for the organization, this blog is not affiliated with it.

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