40DFL campaign in final week; event next weekend

This fall’s 40 Days for Life campaign comes to an end next Sunday, November 3. If you’ve thought about participating but haven’t been able to manage it, get information on your area’s campaigns at the 40 Days for Life web site.

The Manchester NH campaign is closest to me. Next Sunday afternoon, I know the 40DFL team is going to gather at 2 p.m. at a Manchester church for a potluck. Go to the “40 Days for Life Manchester NH” Facebook page for details.

Some of the 40DFL participants outside PP in Manchester have told me that there is now a spray-painted red line on the sidewalk, compliments of either PP or the building’s management (Metropolis Property Management, a unit of Anagnost Companies). Presumably, this delineates the edge of the property. Since 40DFL is limited to the sidewalk in any case, I’m not sure why someone went to the trouble of investing in a can of paint.

40DFL will be back in the spring. Since the first 40DFL in the autumn of 2007 in Texas, it has grown to become a twice-a-year international effort. A peaceful pro-life presence outside an abortion facility may represent the only “options counseling” an abortion-minded woman will get. It’s a powerful witness to the workers as well.

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