Abortion facility closures are only one step

“When an abortion clinic closes in your community, then your prolife work is not over.” So says Abby Johnson, ex-PP worker and a woman who knows what she’s talking about.

If you’re on Facebook, be sure you’re following “Abby Johnson: Pro-Life advocate.” Her post today begins with the words I’ve quoted, and then she goes on to say:

In fact that is just the beginning of true prolife work. There are still women who will find themselves in crisis pregnancies. There are pregnant women who will need housing. There will be schools who need educators to come in and teach kids the beauty of abstinence. There will be women who need annual exams from prolife providers. I am not just prolife. I am prowoman. I am profamily.

Abby Johnson (photo from her Facebook page)
Abby Johnson (photo from her Facebook page)

Abby’s reminding me that this isn’t a temp job.

Feeling overwhelmed because the culture of life is such a huge project? No need. Do what you can, where you are. Ministries abound. No need to engage in all of them. I have special authority on this as a mom, in my humble opinion. Parents definitely can’t do it all – but we can take care of our children, which is as downright pro-life as you can get.

On the other hand, are you inactive, thinking that your friends have it covered, or that you can’t make a difference with your limited time & resources? Wrong.

You can welcome and console the young woman you know – maybe your own daughter – who’s pregnant and afraid to tell the people she loves. You can be there for the son or nephew or husband who feels panicked by a partner’s pregnancy.

You can pray.

You can bring a box of diapers to your nearest pro-life pregnancy center.

You can ask your faith community’s leader if there’s anything you can do in your community to promote respect for life. He or she will probably love you for it. Ministers are stretched to the breaking point already, and knowing more people are willing to take on a project will be a blessing for them.

You can make sure your legislators know where you stand on bills affecting the right to life. I do my best to keep my readers informed about New Hampshire bills; every state has its own resources. Let me know if you can’t find your area’s information, and I’ll try to point you in the right direction.

You can make choices in your own life that will help you disengage from a “health” care provider who also does (or refers for) abortions. Every time an abortion provider testifies in Concord, she assures the representatives that abortion is just a tiny part of the practice, compared to all the Really Useful Work that goes on. If you depend on these providers for your regular health care, you’re being used as a human shield against abortion regulation. Hit those providers in the wallet by taking your business elsewhere.

And so on. The peaceful, constructive possibilities are endless.

Abby is absolutely on target with her post today. Pro-life work isn’t something that will end. It will evolve, though, and there will always be great and small things to be done by peaceful, determined people of good will.

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