Four ways your tax dollars are funding abortion

In New Hampshire Right to Life’s September 2013 newsletter, Charlotte Antal reported on four government programs that are funding abortion or helping subsidize abortion providers. Her article is extensively footnoted, and it included information new to me about abortion funding in the U.S.

Here’s a brief summary of Charlotte’s findings.

Repeal of the “Mexico City Policy.” For years, that policy halted U.S. funds from going to non-governmental organizations that perform abortions or “actively support” abortion as a means of birth control. Repeal was one of President Obama’s priorities when he was first elected, and he was backed by Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) among others.

Abortions for undocumented immigrants in custody of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Division of the Department of Homeland Security. This one was news to me. Limited to cases of rape, incest, and life of the mother, abortion is available to female detainees. It’s listed as one of the “pregnancy services” available, on a par with prenatal care.

Insurance premiums under Obamacare include a fee for abortion “services” to be paid by enrollees – all enrollees, regardless of age, sex, family status, or conscientious objection to abortion.

Contracts with Planned Parenthood to be an Obamacare “navigator.” In New Hampshire, PP has a contract worth about $145,000 to assist consumers in five New Hampshire counties to sign up for health insurance. As Charlotte asks, “why are we giving even more tax dollars to the nation’s biggest abortion provider?”

Charlotte’s article gives a glimpse into how hard it is to keep abortion providers away from your pocketbook. This is a constantly shifting area, with policies and laws subject to change at any time. Vigilance is a challenge. My thanks to Charlotte for sounding this particular alert.

One thought on “Four ways your tax dollars are funding abortion

  1. Thanks for sharing this with your readers! It is so important that we all stay vigilant to these policies that make all Americans complicit in the crimes of the abortion industry. I hope and pray that everyone reading this takes some time to educate themselves, their families and friends (and state reps!) on these issues. The time to take a stand is now. Lila Rose recently pointed out that we still have “76 days left before ObamaCare – a 20,000-plus-page law that forces all of us to fund abortions – begins on January 1. That is, unless the American people stand up and demand a change.” As you pointed out, Ellen, in a former post, there is NO reason why we should be forced to choose between our first ammendment rights (freedom FOR religion) and our health care!


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