Hours ago in Australia, pro-lifers under assault at “March for the Babies”

Thanks to neighboring blogger The Bigger Ben for this news: pro-lifers at an annual pro-life march in Melbourne, Australia are reporting physical assault from pro-abortion demonstrators. This news came to me last evening, while it was already Saturday in Melbourne and 3000 people were rallying for life.

Ben’s post includes photos and remarks from people on the scene. This reinforces a point I’ve made before: have a camera whenever you’re participating in a public witness for life, even if it’s just the camera on a cell phone.

The Melbourne Herald Sun covered the March without mentioning the incident cited above except to say there were clashes. See “Anti-abortion protesters clash during CBD rally” (CBD means central business district).

An earlier version of this post was edited to fix broken links.

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4 thoughts on “Hours ago in Australia, pro-lifers under assault at “March for the Babies”

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  3. A friend of ours, Bryan Kemper, is there on the front lines and was injured during the fray. Said no one was arrested.

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