More proposed bills to watch in Concord

Noted with interest, standing out from the 600+ legislative service requests filed thus far for the 2014 New Hampshire legislative session:

Two Republicans from Merrimack are proposing bills related to abortion. Jeanine Notter is proposing a late-term abortion ban. Since New Hampshire abortion providers have repeatedly testified that they don’t do such procedures, do you suppose they’ll sit this one out? Not likely. Notter’s colleague Lenette Peterson is proposing a parental consent statute, and she has an LSR about “abortion-inducing drugs.” Both reps told me they want to hold off on commenting until the drafting process takes its course. Fair enough.

Rep. Shawn Sweeney (R-Milford) has an LSR to establish a civil right of action for victims of human trafficking.

Rep. J.R. Hoell (R-Dunbarton) is proposing a statute “providing that life begins at conception.”

Yet another “death with dignity” bill is being drafted, this one from Rep. Joel Winters (D-Nashua).

For earlier LSRs, see my September 30 post here.

2 thoughts on “More proposed bills to watch in Concord

  1. Ellen have you noticed if there are any bills to repeal the education tax credit?

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