Remembrance, facades, challenges, and rock&roll: Pick of the Web, 9/13/13

Tomorrow is a special day of remembrance for aborted children. Priests for Life offers more information here.

Obamacare would be unacceptable even if the HHS mandate were its only flaw, but more problems with the law keep cropping up. New Hampshire’s own Grant Bosse at New Hampshire Watchdog writes this week about Anthem’s decision to drop hospitals from its New Hampshire coverage network.  The “façade continues to crumble,” indeed.

And speaking of the HHS mandate, the Becket reports here on a new challenge to it from Ave Maria University. As a Becket attorney says, “Ave Maria cannot assuage its conscience by simply causing someone else to provide the objectionable services.  It cannot allow its healthcare plan to facilitate access to contraceptive or abortifacient drugs and devices in any way. Like other religious employers,  Ave Maria deserves a complete exemption.”

A recent Washington Post equated abortion with women’s health care, and the post declined to publish a rebuttal from Jeanne Monahan of the national March for Life. National Review Online was happy to print her essay: “The Washington Post’s disservice to women.” 

Finally, something completely different: a clip from a CNN interview with musician Billy Corgan, about the future of rock.“God’s the great unexplored territory in rock music.”  Two minutes, and it’ll brighten your day if you’re any kind of rock & roll fan, like yours truly.

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