Weekend reading: Pick of the Web, 8/23/13

Running nuns & the kids for whom they provide a home, New Hampshire’s largest blood drive, PPNNE becomes a “navigator,” and more:

The St. Charles Children’s Home 5k race is coming up on Labor Day at Pease International Tradeport (Portsmouth/Newington, NH). You can run, you can walk (as I do), you can come and cheer on your neighbors.  I’ll be one of the easygoing (not to say “slow”) people at the back of the pack. All proceeds help the children cared for by the sisters at the St. Charles Home in Rochester. Read more about the race and the kids at runningnuns.com.

The Gail Singer Blood Drive is coming to the Radisson in Manchester, NH next Tuesday and Wednesday, August 27 and 28. Having seen people I love benefit from blood donations, I’m a donor myself and I encourage you to join me. Details here.

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England has been awarded a grant to be a “navigator” to help the public learn to work with Obamacare. Thirteen state attorneys general have written to the federal Department of Health and Human Services expressing concerns about privacy in view of navigators’ ability to access citizens’ personal and financial data from federal agencies.

End of life? Not quite, in this case. Story is from ABC News.

When Abby Johnson started And Then There Were None, a ministry to workers in transition from the abortion industry, she figured she might help twelve workers in the first year. ATTWN is now not quite a year and a half old, and 79 workers have come through the program. This week, ATTWN launched a fundraising drive to help meet the unexpected demand for services.

Prolife Tweetfests have been popping up more frequently since use of the #gosnell hashtag earlier this year forced legacy media to cover the Gosnell trial. Now, Iowa Right to Life is having its own tweetfest next Tuesday to bring attention to webcam/”telemed” abortions in Iowa. No geographic boundaries to these projects, so jump right in.

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