Mandate opposition persists; demonstration planned for DC this Thursday

“Countries that respect the right to religious freedom are more likely to respect the rights of women.” With that in mind, women will be at Lafayette Park in Washington, D.C. at 11:30 a.m. this Thursday, August 1 to deliver the message to the President and HHS Secretary Sebelius – yet again – that the HHS mandate in Obamacare is a straightforward attack on the First Amendment. Thursday’s event is being organized by Women Speak for Themselves.

More info, from the Patheos blog:

Go for it, sisters. I wish I could join you.

Anyone coming late to this discussion can search on this blog for “HHS mandate,” or go to the Becket Fund web site.

No matter where an American might stand on the morality of contraception, all Americans have reason to be concerned when a presidentially-authorized public policy undercuts the sincerely-held religious beliefs of American citizens. The policy – that induced infertility for women is a “preventive” health service – is in itself an attack on the dignity of women. Forcing employers with religious beliefs against contraception to participate in programs that pay for it brings the First Amendment into the mix.

Remember that the next time someone with an “I Stand With PP” sign says that repeal of the mandate means denying women their birth control. Nonsense. It means no women has to reach into my pocket to pay for her own choices. And why isn’t men’s fertility of equal concern to the federal government? How is it that women are the ones that need “fixing” along with regular checkups?

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