More on Komen, a TX win, young pro-life leaders: Pick of the web, 7/29/13

What Really Happened at the Komen Foundation reveals never-before-publicized information about the tangle among the Susan G. Komen For the Cure breast cancer charity, Planned Parenthood, and a handful of women within Komen who tried to separate the two. This article was published last month in the online magazine Crisis, produced here in New Hampshire.

The abortion facility in Texas where Abby Johnson used to work has announced that it is shutting down.

Remember, it’s not too late to sign on with New Hampshire’s upcoming 40 Days campaign in Manchester; find more information on the Leaven for the Loaf Facebook page for July 23. (You can go to this blog’s sidebar and click on the Facebook emblem to follow the Leaven page, which includes items that don’t make it into the blog.)

Students for Life of America announced this week a pair of fellowships for high-school and college-age students, which will help prepare future pro-life leaders to get the pro-life message out to campuses as well as the larger community. Congratulations to SFL for a great initiative.



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