On not doing the Komen 5K

The Susan G. Komen Foundation “Race for the Cure” 5-kilometer run is coming to Portsmouth, New Hampshire this Saturday. I will not be there. Hooray for everyone’s good intentions, and I’m sure it will be a lovely event for all concerned. The Komen-Planned Parenthood link, however, is too big a hurdle for me. There are other ways to support my friends & family who are dealing with cancer.

(Like the Rock’n Race in Concord for the Payson Center, or a run across New Hampshire for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, to name just a couple.)

You may recall that Komen, in an effort to put its grants to more constructive use, announced last year that it was going to discontinue making grants to PP affiliates, none of which was providing mammograms or cancer care. PP went nuclear. Komen backed down within days.  A Komen executive who was pushed overboard after PP’s blitz later wrote her account of the story in Planned Bullyhood.  

One thought on “On not doing the Komen 5K

  1. I wasn’t surprised at the bullying tactics of PP, but really thought that Komen Foundation would stay strong to it. Too bad…

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