Safe-&-legal: let the questions begin in Concord

Chuck Donovan of the Charlotte Lozier Institute has just published a thoughtful essay on the current state of justice for the unborn and the just-born, and who does and does not stand up for the “least of these.” Speaking of justice, he also wonders how women seeking late-term abortions are treated by abortion providers, in view of the grand jury report that preceded the Gosnell trial in Philadelphia.

Let our discourse about this be civil, but let’s not confuse silence with civility. The next time the Executive Council votes on Title X contracts, among the bidders will be Planned Parenthood of Northern New England. Will Councilors be willing to ask a few questions of PPNNE, in view of its acknowledged status as New Hampshire’s leading abortion provider and its stated claim of “care, no matter what”?

  • Does PPNNE have any formal statement about Dr. Kermit Gosnell or his trial?
  • Does PPNNE believe that Dr. Gosnell’s Pennsylvania facility was operating in violation of applicable laws?
  • How does New Hampshire law assure that conditions such as those at Gosnell’s facility cannot occur here in New Hampshire?
  • Why isn’t PPNNE supporting a law to mandate collection of abortion statistics in New Hampshire, in order to monitor women’s health outcomes?
  • What are PP’s specific medical guidelines for the handling of a born-alive child after attempted abortion?

These questions are relevant to New Hampshire women even though Title X is for “family planning,” even though abortion is not part of Title X (and that is arguable, based on abortifacient drugs being dispensed as contraceptives), and even though PPNNE representatives take pride in their facilities. They speak directly to “safe and legal” abortion.

Stay calm, stay on point, remember the women and children whose lives depend on the answers to these questions.  Potential state contractors are in no position to declare that certain questions or topics are off-limits or irrelevant. The contractors, and the Councilors who vet them, owe us some answers.

To coin a phrase, women are watching.

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