Bookmark site for Gosnell info and trial updates

hashtag-gosnell (1024x355) (800x277)Catching up on the trial of Kermit Gosnell? Go to This site is sponsored by a cooperative effort among Operation Rescue, Priests for Life, Stand True Ministries, and AbortionWiki. It includes a link to the grand jury report that led to Gosnell’s murder trial. That report makes powerful reading, and the fact that it’s not from a “pro-life” source makes it all the more damning.

Also linked on the site is the 20-minute documentary “3801 Lancaster,” named for the address of Gosnell’s “Women’s Medical Society.” I saw the video at CPAC. It should have been shown on the main screen, even if it would have displaced some politician going on about jobs-and-the-economy.

By the way, President Obama was on the Today show this morning and was asked about the Gosnell trial. He reportedly responded that he didn’t want to comment on an ongoing trial, and besides, he wants abortion to be safe, legal, and rare.

Note well that throughout his legislative and executive careers, the President has opposed every initiative to make abortion rare or safe. He has, however, been consistent on “legal.”

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