2012 NH Republican Women’s Summit #5

Last one. I’ll skip remarks on the upcoming luncheon speaker, Nashua mayor Donnalee Lozeau, whose topic is “How to find balance and do it all.” Puh-leeze. There’s balance, and there’s doing it all, and there’s a difference, and I say that with due respect to the accomplished Mayor Lozeau. I once heard a quote attributed to actress Katharine Hepburn, who was asked whether a woman could have it all. “Yes,” she replied, “but not all at once.”  To me, a married woman with five grown kids and a job and therefore some experience in this area, that has the ring of truth.

Phyllis Woods mentions plans for 2012 “victory offices” statewide – satellite offices of the GOP, which proved so effective in 2010 – which of course are dependent on financial support for the GOP. Volunteers will be needed in these offices as well. When I worked for John Stephen in 2010 on his gubernatorial campaign, those offices and the people in them were tremendously helpful. Even as an independent, I knew a good thing when I saw one. Of course, these offices will help any GOP man or woman, including the ones who will earn the title of RINO and the ones who will vote against every imaginable piece of pro-life legislation. That’s where pro-life PACs & activist groups come in. I’m glad to be with Cornerstone.

Alicia Preston, communications whiz & consultant: “I talk to people about how to talk to people.” Oh, and “how to not get in trouble with the media … Be cautious, but never fear them…Be concise and be accurate.” Reasonable advice. I like the way she handles Q&A. She talks a mile a minute and manages to be clear at the same time.

All this good nuts-and-bolts information is probably being spread by both parties in forum after forum. I’m not sure where the seeds will take root. It’s interesting to see the turnout here today & to hear the applause for things like parental notification. The filing period in a few weeks will tell me if all this training is a step in the right direction.

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