2012 NH Republican Women’s Summit #4

Morning break means going to the literature table in the lobby. I note that the NH House Republican Victory PAC has a flyer for a candidate training class in Concord June 16, 9 a.m.-noon.

Next speaker: Christine Peters, NH Federation of Republican Women, talks about her 13-year involvement in the NHFRW and how the group fosters political involvement. The money they raise goes in large part to GOP women running for office. (By the way NHFRW has one of the more useful handouts in the lobby: “Running for NH House 101.”) Christine promotes the Lilac Luncheon, coming up May 21 in Nashua, with Anita Moncrief (of exposing-ACORN fame) speaking on “Integrity of the Ballot Box” (voter ID).

Jen Wrobleski on the role of a delegate and state committee member: I, your faithful blogger, leave the details to those who want to contact the state GOP. (Sorry, Ms. Wrobleski.) I will add that running for delegate gives you a seat at the party convention this fall, allowing one to vote on the party platform. I was a delegate several times in my far-distant Republican past. Filing period and election are the same as for state reps.

As Wrobleski is peppered with questions about the somewhat convoluted state committee process, I look around the room and note that there’s a broad age range represented in this room. That goes for presenters as well as attendees. That’s good to see. I wonder if there’s good geographic distribution as well. I’m pleased to see one rep from Littleton, and I hope she brought some friends with her.

And now for first-term Rep. Regina Birdsell, who’s not only a terrific state rep but someone I respect very much for her work on Sen. Santorum’s recent presidential campaign. (And she’s running for re-election – good news!) She’s here today to speak about NH’s unique Vesta Roy Excellence in Public Service Program, which has become one of the most respected political training programs in the state. She graduated from the program in ’09. The program is nine months long, with a new group of GOP women participating every year. This is worth looking up: www.vestaroyseries.com.

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